Real-time Video Chat Platform to Connect Consumers and Businesses.

Welcome to the new way of doing business. Sell your products online in real-time while receiving sales and marketing with the LiveHubPro platform.

About us

At LiveHubPro, we have a team of independent sales reps who advise consumers on purchases and sell on behalf of businesses across North America.

Key features of our offering include ‘live video chat’ technology, a state of the art automation system, in addition to our on-demand online salesforce.

Real-time communication conveniently allows you to have immediate access to consumers. To learn more about how we can help your business transition online and thrive, please visit: insurancemarketing.livehub.pro

Our Service Areas

Financial Services – Insurance

Let us introduce you to the right products for you- be it life insurance or liability insurance.

Home Services – Heating & Cooling

Book a  free virtual home energy audit to save money, and reduce your overall energy consumption.

Easy-to-use. Easy-to-connect.

Real-time communication seamlessly allows consumers to connect with expert local advice through our video-chat technology and platform.


LiveHub Connect

Place a live chat box directly on your business website or landing page to connect with consumers and give live demonstrations with the new LiveHub Connect product.

To learn more about the LiveHub Connect video chat technology, please visit: insurancemarketing.livehub.pro